Wednesday, 18 March 2009

Silverlight 3… why WPF any more?

Just reading about Silverlight 3 and amazed by the amount of new features which are being added… just look at the list!

It begs the questions is there actually anything left in WPF that Silverlight now can’t do?  It now even supports running outside of the browser!


Odi said...

Even if there's nothing left in WPF that's not in Silverlight 3+, I don't think that means WPF is in trouble.

Here's why:

"WPF vs. Silverlight: it's the wrong debate" --

Neil Mosafi said...

Good points Odi and I kind of agree with you, as does Dr WPF - MS wouldn't be building the next version of Visual Studio in it if they didn't believe in it!

However (even with WPF) I still generally develop thin client applications, consuming web services to perform the major grunt work. Those web services would be running the on full .NET framework and would benefit from all the rich features of it. The client probably wouldn't need most of them, so Silverlight or WPF could both make good choices for the UI.

The lines are definitely becoming blurred!