Wednesday, 29 September 2010

AspComet now on Github

Just a quick announcement here. I have decided to move AspComet from Google Code to Github. You can get it here:

I've been tinkering with Git over the last few weeks trying to get to grips with it and I can already see how extremely powerful it is.

Github is a very exciting to me in the way it forms a kind of social network around open source projects and allows people to collaborate and share in such a seamless and well presented way. It's never been particularly transparent when you put an open source some project on Google Code what people are doing with it - with aspComet on Github it's already been forked and I only put it up 24 hours ago - impressive!

There's also a little README file up there I added (with Github you just check a README file into your repo and it appears as the synopsis on the project homepage - simple!) and there's a good bit of information in there about getting started with the framework.

If you've any questions on AspComet let me know, otherwise happy forking! :-)