Wednesday, 29 September 2010

AspComet now on Github

Just a quick announcement here. I have decided to move AspComet from Google Code to Github. You can get it here:

I've been tinkering with Git over the last few weeks trying to get to grips with it and I can already see how extremely powerful it is.

Github is a very exciting to me in the way it forms a kind of social network around open source projects and allows people to collaborate and share in such a seamless and well presented way. It's never been particularly transparent when you put an open source some project on Google Code what people are doing with it - with aspComet on Github it's already been forked and I only put it up 24 hours ago - impressive!

There's also a little README file up there I added (with Github you just check a README file into your repo and it appears as the synopsis on the project homepage - simple!) and there's a good bit of information in there about getting started with the framework.

If you've any questions on AspComet let me know, otherwise happy forking! :-)


chris said...


I've been taking a look at your aspComet project and I'm really looking forward to playing with it some more.

I just had a couple of questions. First off, do you have any details of how well it scales? Have you tried it under much load?

Secondly, what licence are you releasing the code under? Am I able to use it in a commercial product?

- Chris

Neil Mosafi said...

Hi Chris

I haven't done any automated load testing just a few manual things myself involving a bunch of browsers. Would love someone to contribute a console application which did some testing! ;-)

As for the license, it's the MIT license (see the page where that's mentioned) so you should be fine to do what you want with it. I'll update the README file now to include that, thanks.

chris said...

Thanks Neil,

If we get anything useful together in terms of some load testing, I'll let you know and contribute it back to the project.

Do you have any high-level description of how the code works? In one of your blog posts you say, "In the next post, I will describe a bit about how it works and walk through a sample simple chat application built using it." - did you ever get around to writing that post?! ;o)

Thanks once again,
- Chris

Neil Mosafi said...

Chris. Yes you're right. I did promise to write another post, I guess I really should do one. What kind of stuff would you like me to write about? Just a high level overview? Anything in particular?


Neil Mosafi said...

Chris, I've posted something up. Hope it helps!


José Galaviz said...

In the place I'm working at, your original GitHub-hosted Cometd Javascript client was being used. We had one issue on our servers that made me add fail-over support to such version.

I know you are not using that file anymore but, Do you want those changes for all of the current users of that script or you'd rather ask them to join the newer version?

Neil Mosafi said...

Jose, sure get it on github, maybe submit an issue for it. Have to admit I am rarely looking at AspComet as I'm not using it any more, but would be good to get it into the public domain